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Private Lessons

private lessons

Private Lessons are all about you 


Perhaps you’ve always had an interest in dance, but you’ve been too nervous to dance in public. One of the best ways to get into the art of dance is by signing up for private lessons. Doing so can help you discover your passion for dance, whether you want to practice socially or eventually perform for an audience. 

Private dance lessons are all about you. We personalize each dance lesson based on your individual needs, desires, and goals, adjusting our teaching style to your ability, personality, and expectations. 

Private lessons are, quite possibly, the most important step in becoming a proficient dancer. Your instructor will provide you with the personalized attention you need and direct 100% of their attention to you. You will progress at your own pace, and focus on as many or as few dances as you wish.

Benefits of Private Lessons:

  • Personalized attention

  • Scheduled at your convenience

  • The fastest way to learn and progress

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